Generative 2

Generate evolving soundscapes with granular synthesis

Generative 2


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Generative uses granular synthesis to transform audio from a file or external input in to an evolving soundscape. The synthesis parameters continually change, and also alter the playback position, volume, and panning. Generative now allows you to change the pitch and filter settings for each device, and the internal synthesis engine can be suspended to allow direct control of the granular parameters, for more flexible sound design and compositional applications.

Before testing the demo version, please make sure you have read the System Requirements found in the opening pages of the Quickstart and Manual pdf documents included in the demo folder. Generative needs Java installed on Windows and Mac, and a link to the specific packages of Java for both platforms can be found on the System Requirements page.

This video accompanies the Quickstart guide and will help you configure the demo application when you first run it :

Please test the demo versions thoroughly before purchasing.


WIN & MAC Icons Windows: Windows XP or later
Mac OS: 10.4.11 or later

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