OSX High Sierra 10.13.1 Compatibility

SirenAudio's Feedback and Generative applications are not compatible with OSX High Sierra 10.13.1 and later versions. This update to OSX has broken compatibility with the version of the software used to build the applications. Support will continue to be offered for existing customers with prior versions of OSX and Windows. If you use a Mac and upgrade to this operating system, the applications are unlikely to launch and are officially unsupported.

Generative and Feedback are built using Max/MSP, a graphical programming environment for audio and video manipulation and creation. They're currently built using Max 5, a version of Max/MSP that is around 6 years old now. The reason for this is that updates to Max 6, and Max 7 did not allow the applications to be run without a very high CPU usage.

Essentially, this means that it's not practical to run the applications on a Mac alongside anything, even with a high end machine. As a developer and user I always wanted to offer as professional an application as possible and allow for the applications to be used practically across platforms and lower end hardware. 

Considering the scope of the applications and the focus of Cycling 74 (the company that makes Max/MSP), getting to the root cause of these issues isn't practical - Max 6 and Max 7 work well for most tasks, and Max's focus was never to allow users to develop applications, though it was a useful feature. 

This news has been frustrating as there are is nothing I can do to solve this problem. It isn't practical for Cycling 74 to offer support for all versions of Max, and unless older versions of Max become open source, there's no chance of fixing the issue. As of yesterday both Generative and Feedback have been discontinued.

Apologies to those affected by this, I will post updates if the situation changes.