Generative + Feedback Updates (versions 2.0.2)

This update is mainly to refine the user interfaces of both applications. As there's lots of controls in both applications, I've tried to make things a little neater and clearer. Aside from the UI, it's an important update for Mac users as both applications have improved stability when using OSX's coreaudio driver with the inbuilt hardware. There had been a particularly gruesome noise that occasionally appeared when switching audio drivers, and as far as I can tell with this update the problem has been solved. In any case, here's a look at the new interfaces and changes...

Generative 2.0.2

  • Gain style graphical filters are limited to +/- 24 db.
  • Fixed problems with using the inbuilt coreaudio driver on some OSX systems.
  • Fixed copy selection function causing playhead drawing / device soloing problems.
  • Made on/off controls in to toggles (not drop down menus).
  • Various user interface refinements.
  • In the States window, a preset can now only be selected if it has been saved.
  • Removed ordered segments button from States window (in practice this is the same as using random segments).
  • Added random positions function to the States window.
  • Ability to control granular parameters via MIDI (stored as a preference).
  • Removed "Voices" and "Global Pitch Variation" menu items, now accessible in the Grain Settings Window.

Feedback 2.0.2

  • Fixed problems with using the inbuilt coreaudio driver on some OSX systems.
  • Various user interface refinements.
  • Fixed problems when changing the routing of output effects and reverb.