Where’s the Sampler?

I've had a few different ideas for version 2 of the Sampler application. At one point I experimented with building granular synthesis in to each voice, but this caused the whole application to become bloated and unstable. In the current version I've been adding some effects, and LFOs to each voice, as well as a larger randomisation section. Of the applications in the Lorelei suite, the Sampler had the narrowest application, as when working with samples it's usually within a DAW. Since the standalone applications run via rewire this can be a bit of a limitation. Here's where I'm up to with the interface.

I’m an active music maker and found that I don’t often reach for the application. Instead I often use Native Instrument's Maschine, or Ableton Live's Sampler instrument. I’m not currently aware of a sampler with as much of a focus on randomisation as the original application which is what my original idea was - to find samples you wouldn't normally choose. It will get finished at some stage, and I've also working on a Max for Live device that uses similar ideas.