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M4L Device: SA.Wash

Wash is a Max Audio Effect that uses comb filters to create a reverb style effect. The aim of the device is to create dense washes of sound (akin to a watercolour wash).   Parameters del fb (delay feedback) : determines the amount of feedback, with higher values producing longer sustains. del time (delay time):...

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Generative + Feedback Updates (versions 2.0.3)

This is a small update mainly to fix a problem that Generative had when zooming in and out of the application and using the mouse with the lower waveform. Generative 2.0.3 When zooming in and out, the mouse position is correctly scaled allowing you to use the add/edit/delete, and position...

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M4L Device: SA.Puck

Puck is a Max MIDI Device that allows you to use one note to output multiple notes that are currently held. The basic idea behind the device is to be able to play chords using one note. The device uses the [mxj] object so you will need Java installed for it...

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