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Generative + Feedback Updates (versions 2.0.2)

This update is mainly to refine the user interfaces of both applications. As there's lots of controls in both applications, I've tried to make things a little neater and clearer. Aside from the UI, it's an important update for Mac users as both applications have improved stability when using OSX's coreaudio driver with...

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Generative + Feedback Updates (versions 2.0.1)

Since Generative and Feedback were released I've ironed out a few bugs with both applications. I've updated the demo applications too, so feel free to try them out and see if you can find any problems! Here's a list of fixes...  Generative 2.0.1 Fixed problems with soloing and muting granular devices....

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Feedback and Generative 2 Release Notes

I’m very happy to finally release version 2 of Generative and Feedback. This update has been a long time coming as I’ve been involved in a lot of other projects since the first versions came out. During development I also had some problems that I couldn’t easily solve with standard Max...

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