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Generative Update (2.0.5)

This is a small update to Generative which fixes a problem where audio would not record without first opening the 'record settings' dialog. I also fixed a problem with loading/saving presets on Windows, and a small UI change for normalising and randomising segments. Both manuals have been updated to reflect the...

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Generative + Feedback Updates (versions 2.0.4)

This is an update to mainly fix a problem in both applications where MIDI controller number zero would control all parameters. I've also added drag and drop functionality for loading files and presets (drag audio files and folders on to the top waveforms, drag presets in to the preset area)....

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M4L Device: SA.Wash

Wash is a Max Audio Effect that uses comb filters to create a reverb style effect. The aim of the device is to create dense washes of sound (akin to a watercolour wash).   Parameters del fb (delay feedback) : determines the amount of feedback, with higher values producing longer sustains. del time (delay time):...

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